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Friday Morning Thoughts

Friday morning. End of the work week.

I managed to come in to work this morning with the car pool, as I really can't drive the car at the moment. While the Footcare clinic appointment yesterday went well, the physical handling of my feet has resulted in a morning (at least) of pain in the right foot, some slight swelling of the mangled toe, and a bit of pain up the leg and into the right hip area.

Work this morning is somewhat slow, but this is not a bad thing. The new translation project I'm working on is just getting off the ground, and I'm finding myself drifting mind-wise, as the painkiller I've taken is effective, but tends to dull my senses somewhat.

Looking forward to the weekend, as I need to recharge my personal batteries in soooooooo many different ways.

The Friday gaming group will not be getting together tonight, as several of my players are dealing with moving related stuff tonight, and there's a packing party going on. I was invited to said event, but just can't do much lifting at the moment, and with the painkillers am in no condition to do a lot of moving around and the like.
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