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What to Run at CanGames 2015 and GenCon 2015?

Had several lulls at work this morning that have given me some time to think about stuff.

Specifically, what do I want to run at GenCon 2015 next year. While it might seem too early to start thinking about this, given that GenCon Indy 2015 is still almost a year away, it's never too early to start planning writing scenarios and setting up pre-gen characters and the like. Besides, I also have CanGames 2015 to consider as well. :)

While I'm going to run Atlantis: The Second Age at both conventions, there's also the possibility that I might a session or two of something else. I'm thinking of the Primeval RPG, or perhaps the Abney Park's Airship Pirates game, or maybe the soon-to-be-released River of Heaven science fiction roleplaying game. Lots of choices in this regard.

Certainly has given me some food for thought today.

Anyone else got an opinion to share?
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