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A Saturday Night to Forget

I tried to spend a relatively quiet evening last night.

Things never go according to plan. I'm not going into detail on matters, but suffice to say that all the walking around yesterday afternoon and the somewhat warm weather (at least I thought it was) wreaked havoc on my bowels last night. I can't say that I was all that hungry last night, but I managed to eat an omelette with ham and a couple of pieces of toast, along with a small piece of roast chicken for supper. It seemed to go down all right, but I wasn't feeling all that great for most of the evening.

I did manage to watch last night's new episode of Doctor Who, "Robot of Sherwood". While I'm not going to spoil the episode here for folks, I will say that the title was a bit of a giveaway (if misleading), the plot left me feeling somewhat blah, and it was great to see Ben Miller (best known to me as James Lester in Primeval) in this one. Peter Capaldi was quite good as the Doctor in this one, the humour of the episode being one of my gripes, but Capaldi was quite enjoyable to watch in this one. Jenna Coleman continues to become a bit more human as this season of the new Doctor continues to unfold. With all that said, the episode left me somewhat cold, though I was glad to see that it was a stand alone story.

This morning I'm still feeling blah, to be honest, but we'll see how the day goes.


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