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Feeling Ill

Came home from work, and am just feeling...rotten.

I've got a head ache, a bit of chest pain, and feel warm and fuzzy headed. My bowels have been uncomfortable, and... Oh, and my eyes are itchy and sensitive to sunlight. Lots of sunlight, it being a bright, sunny Spring day in Ottawa. According to the thermometer, I am not running a fever. I lay down for a while once I got home, and have just woken up, two hours later. I don't nap or sleep during the day, except when I'm sick with something.

I am really, really hoping this is just allergies. (The change in allergy meds is hopefully what's responsible for this.) I can't be sick right now, too much going on... There's stuff I want to do this week, I've got to go to CanGames this weekend.

I don't need this right now. :(

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