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Sunday Afternoon's Gaming Session

Yesterday's gaming session with the Sunday afternoon group went pretty well, and as I expected for the most part.

spross and Tammy continued on with their campaign of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG, and the game session was a pretty enjoyable one, having a bit of everything in it. The players managed to wrap up the scenario that they were playing in, and the game session went along smoothly, though spross still hasn't really figured out his personality for the character, well, who the character *is*. Tammy has played her character rather well in this particular adventure, and she has a firm grasp on her character, but is still having just a few problems with the sword & sorcery genre, methinks.

That said, I'll blog about the game session at length as soon as I get a chance to transcribe my few notes and get some notes from the players about stuff. So look for that blog entry when you see it.
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