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A Busy Day

Another cold morning in the Ottawa valley, that doesn't promise to warm up all that much today. It's definitely Autumn in this part of the country now, and the chill of winter is around the corner, methinks.

I arrived at the office today to find that my desk is somewhat buried under with work, something that I have gotten used to during the early weeks of new translation projects, so I expect to have a somewhat busy day of it. The boss hasn't arrived in the office yet, and to be honest I'm not complaining as he's been a bit of a bear the last three or four work days.

I've got a few things that I'm keeping my eyes on today, notably the Scottish referendum that is ongoing today, and a couple of other things, but I think I'll be too busy for more than a glance other than during breaks and lunch today. That said, my thoughts are definitely with the Scottish folks out there today.
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