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Wednesday Night Game - Airship Pirates Character Creation

As mentioned yesterday, the Wednesday night gaming group got together last night to create their characters for the Abney Park's Airship Pirates, as well' be starting to play the game next time we meet.

I have to say, mentally, I was pretty tired when the session wrapped up for the night.

This meeting and session with the Wednesday night players went pretty much as I expected it to, though I will say that I was pleased as punch at the results of the session of character creation.

Character generation in the Abney Park's Airship Pirates game is relatively straightforward, though players do have several decisions that need to be made during the course of the character creation process that will affect other steps in it. I wasn't sure that the players could create their characters in the three hours or so that we have on Wednesday nights, since two of the players had never played or seen the game, though they are familiar with the music of Abney Park, so that helped somewhat. (To get a good idea of how character creation works in the game system, take a look at my detailed example of the process, Hannah Drei.)

The characters that the Wednesday nighters created for the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG are a pretty simple mix of characters for the post-apocalyptic steampunk genre that this game focuses on. We started the night going into some detail about the game mechanics and the game world, as both David and Kendall wanted to knows lots about the basics of the game world. I was worried that this would eat into the character creation time itself, but I needn't have worried. In the end, here's what the players have created.

Donna - She wanted to re-create the character that she never got to play in the PBeM game that shall remain not-talked-about. And that's what she did. Jane Harrowsmith is a Neovictorian lady who, while prim and proper, was taught some unlady-like abilities by her rebellious brother. When she wouldn't marry the man her father wanted her to, she escaped the Change Cage city with her brother's help.

David - He hemmed and hawed a bit, debating what type of character that he wanted to play, but finally settled on an interesting one to be sure. Harrison "Harry" Osprey was a Neobedouin apprentice shaman of the Osprey tribe who was exiled for the murder of one of the tribe's best loved members. Now a renegade, he dreams of going home and reclaiming his place in the tribe.

Kendall - She wasn't sure what she wanted to play, but said that she liked the idea of the "pirate", but didn't want to necessarily be combat oriented. A con woman is what she wanted! Marion Gale is a charming Skyfolk con artist whose last scheme went belly up and flaming high (it involved helium!), now working as a quartermaster on board an airship.

The players decided that they liked the idea of the Theatre Schtick for their airship, which has no name as yet, and the design of that will be first on the next night the Wednesday game resumes.

All in all, it was a fun night of character creation, and the players are looking forward to playing the game. I'm looking forward to running the game as well! :)
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