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Some Airship Pirates Character Creations

While I had plans to do some work on my gaming stuff and a bit of reading, things turned out a bit differently, but alright, from what I planned. He wasn't sure, but spross did decide to pop over for the afternoon, and we spent the afternoon generating a couple of Abney Park's Airship Pirates characters each for the game. Had a lot of fun with it. I'll only comment on the characters that I created. Here's images of the rough pages for the characters I created.

I first created Rodgrigo the Green, a Neovictorian Misbegotten factory worker, who now serves as a gunnery type aboard an airship with the Musicians schtick, in which he plays the steamsynth.



The second character I created is Jason Cheetah, a Neobedouin outrider, who has an Evil Knievel thing going on with flying across from airship to airship on his hogtrike or any other Skyfolk vehicle that he can use to fly across the gap between two airships. he performs as a mime during the group's work as Traders.



And there you have the pair that I did up. If there's enough interest in the stuff, I might be persuaded to post up tidy versions of the characters with some background for the two lads in question. :)

And now, time for some supper methinks. :)
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