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An RPG Change in the Air II

As mentioned in the previous post, and as I've hinted at the past couple of weeks in various posts, tonight marks the beginning of a new era for the Friday night gaming group.

Three of the staple players from the Friday night gaming group have gotten new work and life opportunities elsewhere (one across the ocean, no less), so effective tonight I'll be down to four players tonight (including my goddaughter). Kathy's invited one of her friends from work, a steampunk fan (who apparently loves Abney Park's music and old-time gamer (he hasn't played an rpg in about 10 years) to join us tonight, so I'm hoping that he'll enjoy himself enough that he'll want to join the gaming group. We'll see how that goes.

The Friday nighters will be getting back into the Abney Park's Airship Pirates rpg tonight, primarily at Kathy's request*, though Angela and David were in agreement on this when they discussed it last game, and I'm rather looking forward to seeing how the session goes tonight. I expect the dynamics of the gaming group to change, of course, and I hope that the group will want to continue to game regardless. I'll definitely miss Nick, Tom, and Joanne, I suspect, for a while, and if they're reading this, just want to say that it was a pleasure and an honour to game with you for as long as you were with us. Best wishes on the new chapters of your lives.

But as I said, times change. I'm looking forward to the Friday night group's new challenges and gaming, and hope that there's a bright future for my Friday night group. It won't be the same, of course; nothing ever is. As in other aspects of life, change is a good thing, too.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to tonight's gaming session.

* She feels the group needs a break from Atlantis: The Second Age so as to figure out the new approach and feel they'll have to take in the sword & sorcery game.
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