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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Airship Pirates Character Creation

Meant to post this up yesterday, but things just didn't work out to allow me to do so. But better late and all that stuff...

As mentioned elsewhere in my blog, the Sunday afternoon gaming group met up on the weekend to start getting back into the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG of post-apocalyptic steampunk, based on the songs of Abney Park.

Unlike the Friday night gaming group, which will be continuing on their campaign from where we left off a couple of years ago, the Sunday players - spross and Tammy - will be starting a new game from scratch. So this past Sunday's game session was one of character generation, though I had hoped to get into some sample combats and the like. Alas, such was not to happen.

Once the players showed up, we started to get into the process for character generation just after 1:15 pm, and thinks went relatively smoothly with one exception that I'll get to below. Character generation in the Abney Park's Airship Pirates game is relatively straightforward, though players do have several decisions that need to be made during the course of the character creation process that will affect other steps in it. I was more worried about what spross would create (something that I was justified about, as it turned out). (Again, to get a good idea of how character creation works in the game system, take a look at my detailed example of the process, Hannah Drei.)

For the most part, the process went pretty smoothly. We started the afternoon going into some detail about the game mechanics and the game world. I was worried that this would eat into the character creation time itself, and it did somewhat, and so we didn't get to go through mechanics and the combat system in a more practical fashion. Here are the characters that Tammy and SteveR created for the new campaign.

spross - Sammie Thrush, a young acrobat from a circus family, leaving his home Skyloft for the first time. (See below.)

Tammy - Katherine "Kat" Zephyr, a Skyfolk gadgeteer (works primarily with carpentry and sails) who has been booted off the Skyloft to earn her keep (part of one of the traditions of the Skyloft in question).

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the character creation session for the most part, but as things turned out, spross created pretty much a one-trick pony character for the game in Sammie Thrush, as the character is an acrobat and nothing but an acrobat. In many ways, the character doesn't really fit the "airship pirate" kind of attitude for the most part, and is very much one-dimensional. He seems to have focused on what he hoped would be the airship Schtick (Circus) rather than a character that would be interesting to play in the game world regardless of the Schtick to come (which ended up being Traders) that I don't know if the character will have any viability. Part of the problem is that while going through the process of creating the character, he didn't talk to me all that much about what he was taking, so I couldn't give him any advice or thoughts on the character. Tammy's character, on the other hand, is a bit more rounded out, less oriented toward a Schtick to begin with if at all, and has growth potential.

In any event, it was a decent afternoon of character creation for the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG, and I'm rather looking forward to starting the game campaign and running the system again.
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