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Wednesday Night Game Report - Airship Pirates Session 1

As mentioned yesterday, the Wednesday night group played their first session of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates post-apocalyptic steampunk rpg that I'm currently running. You can read about the previous game session (character creation) in this journal entry. This post is quite long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Jane Harrowsmith (Donna Winston) - Neovictorian Rebel
Harrison "Harry" Osprey (David Winston) - Neobedouin Shaman
Marion Gale (Kendall Scott) - Skyfolk Con Woman

March 13th, 2150 AD

The players begin with an introduction to the world of the Airship Pirates Roleplaying Game, learn the basic mechanics of the game, proceed through the Airship Pirates world Glossary, and partake in several samples of combat that teaches them the basics of fighting and ship combat mechanics of the steampunk game. It also shows them just how deadly the combat system mechanics can be as well.

The player characters began the Airship Pirates game on the High Xanadu Skyloft, taking a bit of furlough after their most recent performance of "The Rise and Fall of Edgar Cagarillos". The player characters are: Jane Harrowsmith, a Neovictorian lady who was taught some unlady-like skills by her brother, and who fled the Change Cage city when she refused to marry a man significantly older than she is; Harry "Dreads" Osprey, a Neobedouin shaman who was exiled after committing a murder, and now finds himself handling stage make-up on the airship; and Marion Gale, a Skyfolk con woman whose scheme went belly up, requiring her to find other employment.

The player characters are sitting in The Fife and Drum, a drinking establishment on High Xanadu, bemoaning their fates as the most recent theatre gig didn't net them as large a profit as the Captain might have hoped. They talk about various subjects [and the players get into their characters a bit], all the while Harry noticing that they are being observed by a couple of unscrupulous types from over near the door at one of the tables. He tells both Jane and Marion, but the two women tell him that it's not something to worry about at the moment; he needs to relax a little.

After finishing their drinks, Jane, Harry, and Marion leave the Fife and Drum, and head back for their ship, La Scene Bleu. Partway to the docks, they are ambushed by five thugs, armed with knives and small swords; well, not ambushed, as they were expecting the attack given the unsavoury charcters back at the tavern... The thugs demand their money, which the player characters refuse to give up seeing as how hard-earned it is, and then one of them (seemingly the leader) demands to know where "It" is. Jane denies any knowledge of "it", as do Harry and Marion, but the thugs don't believe them. They attack the characters, and the fight is somewhat vicious. Harry protects his two shipmates with his machete, but both Jane and Marion prove themselves up to the task. While Harry kills two of their attackers, the rest of the wounded men flee, warning the characters that they've not seen the last of them. Cleaning themselves off, and with Harry binding their minor wounds up as best they can, the characters return to the Scene Bleu.

The First Mate of the ship, Bobbie Jo Otter, demands an explanation of their condition, and Marion explains what happened to them. The first mate is intrigued, and says she'll tell the captain what's going on. She tells Jane, Harry, and Marion that they've got a new gig, a small showing of "The Trials of Mortimer Hypocrates", in Ceruleville, and so the Scene Bleu will be leaving at morning's light.

Seeking out proper medical attention for her injuries, Jane goes to see the ship's doctor, Patrick Cargehill. While he treats Jane' wounds, asking her where she got them, Cargehill flirts with her somewhat, which amuses Jane no end. (He's not her type.) Meanwhile, Harry goes on deck to find Jacob of Oakridge, and the two find a spot for Harry to practice his fiddling. He's still not great at it, as Jacob points out, but tells the Neobedouin that he is improving. Marion goes to her quarters, and makes a note in her personal journal about the attack by the thugs, and wonders what the "It" they talked about is, and who exactly is after it.

And that was how the first game session of the Wednesday night campaign of Abney Park's Airship Pirates went. The game session was pretty good, the players feeling quite happy and content when we wrapped up for the night. The sample combats took a bit longer than I had wanted, but that was too be expected, so the actual game session proper was shorter than I would have liked.

The actual play part of the session went very nicely, with the players getting into their personalities for the characters they're playing, a bit of a mystery, the small combat sequence, and then a bit of stuff on their airship, La Scène Bleu. Donna liked the game system mechanics quite a bit, although Kendall struggled with a couple of aspects of them, but we'll see how things shape up next session.

The game session reminded me why I was so fond of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG to begin with. Look forward to running the next session.
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