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Morning Thoughts of the Weekend

Good Monday morning, folks.

As folks may have noticed, I spent most of the weekend (other than a couple of posts here and on Twitter on Saturday and Friday) off the computer for reasons mentioned in a previous post. I'm pleased to report the headaches went away, and I have had a pretty good, somewhat relaxed weekend.

I went out twice on Saturday and did some grocery shopping, although driving the car during the morning shopping trip was a mistake. I've been icing my foot for most of the weekend, and countering that with hot cups of tea or bowls of home-made vegetable soup. Really weird, the hot-and-cold sensations.

Sunday afternoon, I gamed with spross and Tammy. I had hoped that they would start play in their fresh Abney Park's Airship Pirates campaign, but such was not to be. I'll be posting a blog entry about the game session later this afternoon, so if you're interested to hear what went on, keep an eye on this blog space for more on that.

Sunday evening, I made some supper and then settled in with the DVD player and watched the first disc on the Season One set of the British Atlantis tv series. It was solid, good entertainment for a Sunday night, and just the sort of thing I needed to relax at the end of the weekend and distract myself from other stuff going on and all.

Work this morning has been relatively busy, and I have to say that things in the office are quiet this morning. Speaking of which, back to it.
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