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Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Wednesday morning.

The middle of the week, and half-way to the start of the weekend. A long weekend, due to Thanksgiving and all that good stuff. Here in Ottawa, another somewhat cool day with dampness and rain, and thunderstorms expected.

It looks like it's going to be a busy day here at the office, and I'm not looking forward to that, though it will keep my mind focused on other stuff. There have been some job cuts here at the office (including my former, ranty boss) so I'm trying to stay clean and keep my head above board and all that stuff. Because of some of the firings, however, my work load has pretty much doubled some days, so I've been feeling a bit tired and computer weary when I've finished work for the day.

The only things I've been doing on-line and on the computer at home these last few days has been to do some reading of the River of Heaven science fiction rpg, and to create a couple of test player characters for the game system, one of which (or perhaps both) I'll be posting up here to my blog at some point.

Anyway, for now back to work.
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