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Morning Thoughts

Woke up this morning feeling...unrested. That said, since I woke up around 7:30 am, it means I had an extra couple of hours of sleep, although I did wake at 6:10 am when the regular garbage collection was made.

Last night was a simple evening. I devoted the evening to getting ready for the convention and the weekend, taking a break to watch the new Grey's Anatomy episode. WHile I am looking forward to CanGames, I'm still stressed out by it. Prepared the two scenarios that I have to run, the extra dice, all the paperwork, and the like for transport, so I didn't have to worry about this today, so that's out of the way.

Went to bed, and read for a bit. Need to decide what book to start, as I finished my read of Prospero's Children by Jan Siegel. A fine British YA novel, up there with both Harry Potter and the His Dark Materials series. (I prefer the Pullman and the Siegel to the Rowling, but that's just personal preference.)

Don't know how much posting I will do over the course of the weekend, but will update maybe once or twice. Definitely will provide a bit of a CanGames report on Monday or Tuesday.
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