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A Strange Tuesday

Yesterday was one of those strange days.

First off, it was the day after Thanksgiving, so I had to go to work at the office. It always feels odd being at the office and getting back into the routine of office work after a long weekend, but that wasn't the half of it.

The new boss is on the job, effective yesterday. She's somewhat older than my previous superiors, around 45 I think, and I learned during our one-on-one chat and evaluation that she's a type 2 diabetic like myself. She's been diabetic for close to ten years, and understands the need for medical appointments and the like, so I'm reassured by that.

However, the real news insofar as I was concerned was double-edged good news. I've received a promotion, but my hours are going to be reduced. I'll be making a little bit more money, but I'm not certain what the transition to the new job will mean yet. More about this as I learn more, though the sensitive nature of my job will prevent me from revealing too much.

After I got home from work, spross dropped by and helped me out shifting books and the like in the storage closet. I was actually looking to find my various Heechee series of books by Frederik Pohl, but I must have sold them/unloaded them at some point during the past five years or so. I wanted to dig them out as they'll serve as some good inspiration for the River of Heaven sf roleplaying game, but now I'll have to see if I can find them in a bookstore or on-line somewhere. *sigh* In any event, I managed to sort out a bunch of books, put together four boxes of books that I want to sell (or take to the library), and put together the last of the roleplaying games that I'll sell at CanGames this coming year. So, a good end to the afternoon. Was pretty sore by the time we were finished, and my left ankle and leg were extremely painful. So much so that I took an Aleve, and then a nap for forty-five minutes.

I watched the evening's episodes of The Flash and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (nothing to really comment on with either of these), did a bit of reading for half an hour, and then crashed for the evening.
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