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Change in Wednesday Gaming Plans

Spent a lovely lunch hour chatting with Donna (one of the secretaries here at the office, and also one of my Wednesday night gamers) about various stuff.

The subject of tonight's game session came up, and Donna had some news for me. She told me that David and Kendall had talked to her about tonight, and wondered if she'd be all right doing some River of Heaven character generation, rather than the scheduled session of Abney Park's Airship Pirates. It seems that David and Kendall had each independently read my blog entry about the Friday night character creation for River of Heaven, and that both players are very much into hard science fiction. So they actually broached the subject with her, and asked me to see what I thought...

I told Donna that I had no problem doing some more stuff with River of Heaven, so after lunch, she got in touch with David and Kendall and gave them the good news. I'm rather looking forward to this, as I didn't think that I'd get to do some more character creation for the game this quickly. Neat! :)

(Oh, and yes, I'm currently listening to one of the MP3 tracks for the River of Heaven game. Lovely stuff.)
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