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Thursday Morning Meanderings

Another one of these weird days, in terms of the weather, here in Ottawa.

The temperature when I left the house this morning for work was 16oC, rather strange for this mid-way point of October, and it's going up to around 22 degrees, with plenty of rain in the forecast. It's quite muggy, to be honest, and not all that comfortable.

Work is... the usual. Nothing out of the ordinary going on, and the project I'm working on is at a somewhat busy stage in its developing along. Today, I'll be leaving work somewhat early, as I've got a Footcare clinic appointment in the early afternoon. Given my ankle pain and some of the other stuff going on with my legs, I'm definitely not looking forward to this.

As mentioned yesterday, I ran a character generation session of the River of Heaven RPG last night, and the Wednesday night gamers had a good time of it. I'll be blogging about this later this afternoon, so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, back to the work stuff...
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