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Friday Night Game Report - Airship Pirates Session 15

As mentioned in earlier blogs, I gamed with the Friday night group this past week, and had a rather good time of it. The gaming group continued on with their campaign of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates post-apocalyptic steampunk rpg. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Lady Emily Harrington-Boothe (Kathy Bauer) - Neovictorian Lady
Haley Deuce (Angela Marsh) - Neovictorian Automaton Doll
Arthur Quentin-Smythe (David Matchuk) - Neovictorian Dilettante
Richard "Rich" Wilson Sequoia (Mark Williams) - Neobedouin Outrider
Caliandra Shade (Ellie Bauer) - Skyfolk Thief and Trouble Magnet

June 23rd, 2150 AD

The player characters discuss the Shadowvale Skyloft and what is known of it - the fact that it is a den of iniquity, home to some of the true scum among pirates, but is said to be a place that rivals San Reyaan and Helium City as "if it can't be found here, it can't be found anywhere" markets. Avarum Brightstar tells the player characters that the rumours about Shadowvale are true: the Skyloft is partially under shadow for unknown reasons, making the place even more dangerous than such normal pirate strongholds. When asked, he tells Lady Emily Harrington-Boothe that he has done business there on three occasions; it was the third occasion that cost him the middle finger on his right hand, but he won't discuss the matter further.

Once the meeting is ended, the Captain asks Emily and Arthur Quentin-Smythe to remain behind. "Red" Angela tells them that she doesn't trust Avaram though she's taken him on as the new trader in place of Jeanette Storm. She asks them to keep a fixed eye on him, as they are fully aware that the Bountiful and her crew have many enemies. Emily and Arthur agree to this, and depart the Captain's quarters.

Within the hour, the Bountiful Queen departs Sanctum, and sets course due west. Emily and Arthur sit down and talk with Haley Deuce and Richard Wilson Sequoia about the Captain's concerns, and they are overheard by Calliandra Shade. She tells them that she wants "in", and that she'll keep an eye on Brightstar on board the Bountiful. Emily has doubts about her abilities, but Calli tells her that she's part of the crew and that they need to treat her as more grown up than they do.

The first night and day's travel is uneventful, the player characters taking turns on watch, both on deck and in the upper crow's nest. Richard Wilson Sequoia attempts to get to know each of his fellow characters, and they react and respond well to his overtures. His only error the first night is to indulge a little bit too much in some rum, making a poor impression on Captain Stormfist. As he sits in the crow's nest the next afternoon, he spots what appears to be a Neobedouin group under attack ny what appear to be a pair of large forest animals; he is able to identify the tribe as that of the Running Turtle, and the beasts attacking them as prehistoric wolverines.

At Captain Stormfist's orders, the player characters and a couple of air marines are lowered by tethers to the ground, and the player characters come to the tribe's aid. Using steamrifles, Lady Emily and Arthur are highly effective at driving the wolverines off. The Running Turtle tribe's leader, Henry Blakeny, is most grateful to them, and invites the crew of the Bountiful to join them for the evening. The celebration that evening is quite wild, and the player characters get quite drunk. Lady Emily is unable to handle her liquor, and spends the night with one of the handsome hunters of the tribe, William Robles Running Turtle.

The morning dawns with the player characters still somewhat alcoholically dysfunctional, but the evening has been fruitful. The Captain tells the player characters that she's learned a good deal of what's going on in the local area, and that Henry Blakeny Running Turtle was able to give her an update on Shadowvale, which lies five hours from their current location. The political situation in Shadowvale has changed somewhat, in that a pirate named Hannigan "Black Han" Mulvaney has taken over the Skyloft, and has enforced his laws and decrees using an iron fist. Avaram Brightstar tells the Captain, the Axe, and the player characters that he still believes that the rewards to be had for trading in Shadowvale are worth the risk. Captain Stormfist tells the player characters that she and the Axe are inclined to agree with this assessment. The trade mission will proceed.

The Bountiful Queen reaches the Skyloft of Shadowvale, and at least one of the rumours of the place is proved true - there is a shadow that rests over a third of the Skyloft city. After being approached by two skyplane fighters and confirming who they are and why they have come to Shadowvale, Captain Stormfist is told that she can dock her vessel at one of the mooring points on the eastern side of the Skyloft.

The Captain makes her plans in consultation with the Axe, Avaram Brightstar, and the player characters. Lady Emily, Haley, Arthur, Richard, and Avaram debark the Bountiful and make their way to the Double Sail, an inn and tavern that Avaram has stayed at before. The stench of the Skyloft begins to get to Richard, and both Lady Emily and Arthur confide in him that it's getting to them as well, and they're Neovictorians! Gimpy Steve, the innkeeper at the Double Sail, gives them their room keys and tells them to keep the doors locked overnight. Shadowvale isn't safe, especially for "respectable looking folk like you, capisce?" Calliandra Shade tells the others that she likes the town; it's the sort of place that she could make a fortune! Lady Emily chastises her, telling her that that's not what they've come to Shadowvale for. Avaram tells the player characters that he's going out to make contact with his other trader half, a man named Hrovath Downey. The player characters head down to the common room, ostensibly to get a meal, but to also learn what they can in gossip and the like about the Skyloft and any potential deals that might be made.

And that's where Friday night's session of Abney Park's Airship Pirates came to an end. The players got to deal with a variety of matters, had some pretty good interactions between the characters, and got in some combat with steamrifles as well. I was pretty happy with the game session, and thought the best part of it was the celebration with the Neobedouin tribe, and how Kathy let Lady Emily's hair down totally!

The players told me they had a pretty good time of it, and both David and Mark mentioned that it was a really fun session for them, and that they loved the steamrifles that I gave the player characters (even if some characters couldn't hit the broad side of a wolverine!). Kathy said she's looking forward to next session and the business that should arise in Shadowvale, although she's concerned about several of the characters and their low (or non-existent) weapons skills! We'll see what we shall see. :)

In any event, I'm looking forward to next Friday's game session. Should be fun.
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