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River of Heaven Yahoo Groups Mailing List

As most folks know, I'm a huge fan of science fiction literature and the like, and also like science fiction roleplaying games as well. With that said, and in anticipation of the shipping soon of the game to Kickstarter backers and shortly after that of distribution in gaming shoppes and the like, I have launched the River of Heaven SF RPG Yahoo Mailing List today.

The URL for the River of Heaven Yahoo Mailing List is:

Please note that the mailing list requires the Moderator's approval to join up, but the Archives are viewable to the public (at least, I hope they are), and I'll only moderate messages and behaviour after that as needs be. I hope to see some folks from among my LJ friends (and others) join the mailing list.

Hope to see some of you out among the Outremer worlds! :)
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