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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Airship Pirates Session 3

I meant to post this blog entry sometime yesterday (Monday) at the latest, but Real Life(tm) has a way of getting in the way of these things. Ah well, better late than never. :)

The Sunday gaming group continued play in their game of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates post-apocalyptic steampunk rpg. Here's the session report for yesterday afternoon's game. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Samuel (Sammie) Thrush (Steven Ross) - Skyfolk Showman
Katherine (Kat) Zephyr (Tammy Powers) - Skyfolk Gadgeteer

March 14th, 2150 AD

The next morning, the player characters and the rest of the crew of the Tatterdemalion are awoken at 4 bells. Katherine "Kat" Zephyr sees through a hole in the cargo hold that there's sky with an amber, ruddy sunlight of morning. As the character get out of bed and dress, Peg Leg Davis and a fellow with an axe tell them to get their scurvy butts up on deck. As Katherine and Samuel "Sammie" Thrush head up for the deck, Peg Leg orders the other fellow to chop all the unstowed away cots for other uses. Kat checks, and is relieved to see that Rowena's and Katey Mulgrew's cots are stowed away.

Up on deck, the player characters see Captain Dacewind. He tells the scurvy, stinking Riters to get washed, and then the crew sees the "washing" set-up. There's a series of wash basins and a plank out over the ground. The Riters have to take a full wash basin and their towels and walk the narrow plank to the end, where they have to strip down and wash themselves. There's a series of nets strung some 200 feet below, in the event that anyone falls. As they wait in line, Kat learns from Rowena that the fellow below with the axe is "Mean Axe" Baker, a Neovictorian who uses the axe to kill his targets, and has a nasty reputation on High Tortuga. When Kat asks Rowena if they lose a lot of people from this washing ritual, she's surprised when First Mate di Azza whispers in her ear that she should concern herself with her own problems on this task. Kat thinks to herself that the First Mate will be the bane of her existence. Captain Dacewind explains the Riters' washing ritual test, and tells them to proceed and wash up.

The player characters, Rowena, Katie, Hannibal, Egon, and the rest of the Riters proceed to the task ahead. Kat has a false start on her walk of the plank, but is able to succeed at the task. Sammie's acrobatic skills serve him in good stead, and he washes successfully. While the others succeed as well, Egon is not so lucky, and is seriously injured. After Kat suggests it, but is told not to do so by the First Mate, Sammie descends and brings Egon up over his shoulder after a harrowing, exhausting 40 minutes. When Egon and Sammie are pulled up onto the deck, di Azza vetoes the others helping the two to see the doctor, saying that Sammie and Egon must finish what they started.

Kat goes below decks, and Peg Leg Davis has her choose between cleaning up the now chopped up cots to be used as firewood or to start repairs to the gaping holes in the walls of the cargo hold. She agrees to fix the holes, but has to use the hammocks and some of the other intact cots to do her work, and some of the pieces of broken cots as nails to temporarily patch the holes.

Sammie takes Egon to Dr. Carly Drake-Whitton, and the two of them are patched up by the annoyed doctor. She summarily dismisses him, having to keep Egon in her makeshift medical area (at the far end of the cargo hold).

Rupert Granger, the Deck Master, arrives in the cargo hold and demands to know from Kat who assigned her to her duties. She tells him that Peg Leg did so, and he's content with that answer and tells her to continue with her work. He asks for volunteers to work in the rigging. Granger returns to Kat, and informs her of the proper etiquette of addressing one of senior crew, in this case Peg Leg - it's Mr. Davis.

Granger approaches Sammie, who seems to have no duties, and asks if he's volunteering for the work in the rigging. He's told it's up in the sails, about 300 feet above deck. Sammie says that he's not physically up to it at the moment, and that he's not really good with needle and thread. Granger assigns him to KP duty. He descends to the galley, and meets the Cook, Robert Gordon, and his two apprentices, James Trojan and Harley Whitson.

Kat is interrupted in her work by a voice that says "Ma'am?" She is confused, and looking up sees a youngster with a shock of sandy brown hair. He presents her with some sharpened wood nails, and she tells him to call her Zephyr. He introduces himself as George Brightstar. She remembers that the family is notorious/famous for breeding traders, and that an Avaram Brightstar recently started serving on an airship called the Bountiful Queen, out of Sanctum Skyloft.

Some two hours later, the Tatterdemalion departs the Skyloft. Kat goes up on deck, and sees Granger, and reports to him. He's pleased with her repairs but the wind is picking up, and there'll be a breeze below decks. He tells Kat that they'll reach their destination by nightfall. First Mate di Azza, who's watching, asks Kat if she's had any experience with the Neobedouins, and when Kat replies that she has, di Azza tells her that she will be part of the shore party, and hopes that she's also got good night eyes.

Working in the galley, Sammie hears "Destination, ahoy!" from above. On deck, Kat and Granger see what appear to be eight to ten large fires, ten wagons, several steam trucks and hogtrikes, tents, and one large vaguely horse-like animal [an Indrikkus].
She can also hear some music echoing aloft from below. From her left side, di Azza tells Kat that the tribe are the Ghost Bear tribe. They're quite dangerous, and are known for their legendary invisibility from the Imperial Air Navy. Kat notices that the Tatterdemalion is running dark, and di Azza whispers to her that it's due to there being a rumour that an IAN frigate, the Vigilant, is in the area hunting pirates. Kat automatically scans the dark skies, but sees no sign of an IAN or other airship.

Sammie emerges from below decks to get some air, and sees the Neobedouin encampment. Di Azza asks Kat if she can fly an airboat [Guppy], and Kat says half-heartedly that she can. Di Azza is pleased, and informs the Captain, who steps up from the port aft broadsides. Captain Dacewind tells Kat that she'll fly the Paster, and take di Azza, Peg Leg Davis, [Robert] Harpstorm (an air marine with a steamrifle), Samuel, and Katie Mulgrew (the apprentice trader) on the meet-and-greet. He orders Kat to prepare for the flight down, the Captain wishing them good sails, and orders di Azza and the others to make sure they bring back at least 100 lbs. of potatoes.

Sunday's game session of the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG was pretty enjoyable for the most part, and had some decent roleplaying at times though there was no combat of any sort to this session. Part of this is that I'm still "setting the stage" for the Sunday campaign, and trying to get the players into their characters, and deal with their shipmates and that sort of thing. That said, the basic plot is laid out pretty much, things will pick up next session, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they deal with some of the stuff ahead of them.

The two players are taking to the game quite well, though spross is still being too passive and not all that active, nor is he being all that social, and he and Tammy's characters haven't even introduced themselves to each other. There are some interesting dynamics starting to take shape among the characters and the crew, notably the one between Tammy's Kat and the First Mate, di Azza. She's developed a few other tentative relationships as well, so we'll see how those go too.

Overall, a fun afternoon of running the Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG, and I'm looking forward to next week's session.
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