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River of Heaven RPG Print Proofs

For those who are interested in the game, over on the River of Heaven RPG Kickstarter page, in the latest update, Newt Newton of D101 Games has posted an update about the game.

The rulebook is still in the print proofs stage, as there's been a couple of problems with the proofing phase, but Newt expects these to be resolved soon and once he's happy with the print proofs will be issuing the codes for print copy backers of the Kickstarter.

However, writer John Ossoway was at the Furnace convention this past weekend in Sheffield, and Newt posted a pic of JohnO with copies of the print proofs of both the softcover and hardcover of the game.


Personally, the books look gorgeous and just whet my appetite even more for my copies of the River of Heaven book in hardcover! Bring it on, Newt! :)
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