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Friday Night Gaming, Weather, and Illness

Another cool, damp day here in the Ottawa valley. This is not doing wonders for my sinuses. :(

Gaming last night with the Friday gaming group went rather well. The players continued on with their Abney Park's Airship Pirates game, and things were pretty good. I'll be blogging about the game as soon as I manage to transcribe my notes and the like, which I hope will be later this afternoon or perhaps sometime tomorrow.

Health-wise, I woke up this morning with nasty sinus pain, head cold, and snot running down my nose1. I suspect I've caught a bit of a bug, probably from the weirdly alternating weather we've been having of late, the fact that my constitution is poor, the possibility that I caught the bug from two sick co-workers this week, or all of the above. Either way, I do not want this bug, I don't want to be ill, so will do my best not to let it go any further this week(end).

That is all.

1 And if you know where that last reference comes from, give yourself a gold star and permission to listen to some prog rock! :)
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