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An Afternoon with River of Heaven, and Health Stuff

I woke up this morning feeling positively tired, and definitely not inclined to get out of bed. But I did so anyway.

My left ankle and leg were hurting somewhat fiercely this morning, no doubt due to the cold and the dampness in the air, and I almost thought I'd collapse from the pain when I got out of the bed. However, I managed to get the morning done, having breakfast (my last croissants for the foreseeable future) and then took some Aleve and a nice, long hot shower that alleviated the leg/ankle pain somewhat.

I had cancelled gaming for the day with Tammy on Saturday, as I was feeling somewhat blocked and stuffy, with a very tight throat, though spross said that he'd come over for a while during the afternoon. Rather than doing anything pertaining to the Abney Park's Airship Pirates rpg today, he decided he wanted to create a sample character for the River of Heaven rpg instead. So that's what we did.

It was fun afternoon, relatively speaking, though I was losing my voice by the time he finished the character up. The process with spross took just about three hours, which was pretty good for him!, and the character was relatively interesting. He didn't have a good idea of what he wanted to create, so rolled up the Characteristics, and ended up creating a fellow from a world with relatively low tech, a dueling code, and it turns out he's a bit of a diplomat and trader. An interesting character take, overall.

I had a glass of water and a cup of tea for the afternoon, once SteveR had left, so now I'm just about ready to start making some supper... What to make, what to make?
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