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Home From the Office

I got home around 3:25 this afternoon from work.

It was a relatively easy day, to be honest, as I didn't get in to work until just after 11:00 am this morning. The blood tests and stuff that had to be done at the hospital went smoothly, and then I hopped over to Denny's for a veggie omelet and toast, with some of their decent decaf coffee.

Work consisted of a pair of meetings today about various topics pertaining to the translation jobs that I'm supervising. I got home, had a veggies and salmon snack, and then caught a bit of a nap. Since then, I've made sure I was somewhat hydrated as I hadn't had a lot of water this morning at all because of the blood tests process. Had a bit of a headache most of the day after the blood tests, but that's eased off somewhat.
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