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Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Another strangely warm day in the Ottawa valley, with the temperature expected to hit around 11oC.

I went for my hearing tests yesterday, as noted in the blog entry, and was surprised. I should state here that this was the first time I've had hearing tests, and the experience felt a little bit surreal in some ways. While I've suffered a bit of degradation in my hearing of the upper range sound, my hearing is significantly above average for a man of my age. This is good news, but there's still no explanation for the ear and neck problems that I've had (and continue to have).

Between the hearing tests, the extensive bloodwork, and the flu shot that I received yesterday, I've been feeling a bit achy and nauseous today, but the symptoms should wear off in a couple of days, I hope.

On the gaming front, I'll be playing with the Wednesday night gamers this evening, and am looking forward to that.

For now, back to work stuff.
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