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What to Run at CanGames 2015?

Since CanGames 2015 is literally just seven months away, I thought I would do the poll thing and see what folks would like me to run at the convention next year.

So here's the poll and your chance to vote for stuff! :)

What to Run at CanGames?
What Should JohnK Run at CanGames 2015?

Abney Park's Airship Pirates RPG 1
Atlantis: The Second Age RPG 1
CHILL 3rd Edition RPG 1
Primeval RPG
River of Heaven RPG 1
I don't care what you run at CanGames
Please, just run something at CanGames! 1
This poll is totally irrelevant

Edit: And since the LJ Poll function doesn't seem to want to work for me, just post your thoughts on this in the blog Comments section. I'll keep a running tally here as folks add comments, and I'll include Twitter votes in this as well. :)
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