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Back From the Diabetes Clinic

Well, I'm home.

I've been home from the Diabetes Clinic actually for over half an hour.

I'm going to be taking insulin. My a1C reading went up by a couple of points from the last appointment, and it's the morning blood sugar levels that seem to be higher (based on my blood glucose log) and keep the levels elevated during most of the day time.

The doctor wants me to start taking insulin yesterday, but it turns out that I couldn't see the diabetic nurse and nutritionist team to begin the process today. It turns out that I was supposed to see them at 3:15 pm today, but I didn't see the doctor until 3:30 (even though the appointment was for 2:45 this afternoon). They're not now free until mid-January (!!) (what the doctor called "not acceptable" when he found out) now for the insulin training, but he put an "ASAP" attachment on the file, so apparently they'll be calling me to make the appointment and get me started...asap.

As mentioned in the previous post, I'm stressed about the whole insulin thing and quite scared (fill in the adjective of your choice) to be honest. This just drags everything out and makes things so much worse mentally, of course.

Story of my life.
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