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Friday Morning Thoughts

Sitting in the office this morning, musing on a variety of subjects and stuff.

Work is somewhat busy this morning, so I haven't really had a chance to really have any time to myself this morning (until now).

I came home from the Diabetes Clinic last night, and was just wiped out from the stress and case of nerves that I'd been dealing with for the last day or so. I took a nap when I got home, and woke a bit late for supper, but managed to make a proper meal (fish en papillote with a side of baked potato, and a salad).

I spent part of the evening reading the documents on insulin use and injection that the Diabetes Nurse Educator had given me, and learned quite a bit from that though I felt like I had forgotten what she had talked to me about during the course of the appointment earlier in the day. I felt somewhat better about the process, having also calmed down to some extent, but was still dreading taking the injection by myself that evening.

Come the time I had designated for my nightly dose of Lantus, I approached the process somewhat trepidatiously, as to be honest, it was one thing to do this in the Diabetes Nurse Educator's office, another to do it on my own for the first time. I managed to do the injection using the lovely pen, though I had a bit of hesitation putting the needle in again. At least I managed to take the injection, and it wasn't as painful as I feared. I'm a bit swollen (or perhaps just feel swollen?) on the side of my abdomen where I took the Lantus, but otherwise am functional to a point today.

In the meantime, today being Friday and all, I'll be gaming this evening with the Friday night gaming group. They're doing the Abney Park's Airship Pirates campaign currently, so I'm looking forward to that. Will have to interrupt the game for a bit so I can take my nightly Lantus dose (still gotta get used to the new routine every night). Not sure what I'll make for supper tonight, but just trying to get through the work day right now.
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