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Saturday Events Review

I woke up this morning feeling somwhat out of sorts. No doubt yesterday having something to do with it.

Yesterday, Saturday, was a day that had a modicum of stress and some good stuff happening as well. Felt well enough yesterday morning, though I was uncomfortable from where I'd not quite got the Lantus injection quite right on Friday night.

I had planned to go with spross to pay off my WIND Mobile bill, and to an event organised by the pharmacy where I get my drug prescriptions filled about dietary stuff in the store (it's an Independent Grocery) and have questions answered by the dietician who was coming in for this, but... There was a bit of a car accident on Saturday afternoon that I won't go into, as I'll leave that up to the driver to go into if he chooses to do so. We managed to go into WIND and stopped by the pharmacy for a couple of things, but the afternoon was something of a write-off, and though we did the "normal" stuff sort of as planned, I was somewhat shaken up by the accident.

After spross dropped me off at the house, I heard from Kathy. She and Ellie wanted to game as they had missed the Friday session (which was cancelled), but she also wanted to check out how I was doing with the insulin and all, so despite some misgivings I agreed to gaming last night. I had a fun night gaming with Kathy and Ellie, as they played a little one-shot Abney Park's Airship Pirates session. I'll blog about that later this morning, I hope. Suffice to say that we finished gaming around 10:00 pm, and Ellie was dropping off by that time, so Kathy took the poor girl and headed for home.

I cleaned up a bit, and then took my insulin injection at the usual time, and... Let's just say that I've still not got the hang of it. I had intended to stay up and watch the Ottawa Senators-Calgary Flames NHL game, but didn't make it past the second period before I decided to head for bed.

And that's the Saturday (and night) I had. Such as it was.
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