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Feeling Ill

I was awoken from a poor night's sleep at 4:00 am by a hacking, rasping cough. I took some Tylenol and a Fisherman's Friend throat lozenge, and went back to sleep, but the cough was still with me when I finally roused again at 7:15 am. I felt pretty lousy, and still do, and think I've definitely come down with a bug. The phlegm is dripping down the back of my throat, and my head is stuffed up. Called work, and told them I am taking a sick day. Went back to bed, and got up about 15 minutes ago. Took my "half-hour pill" med, and still feel pretty bad, plus my chest hurts when I breathe. Am typing this while I wait the half-hour before I can have a bit of breakfast, but will eat lightly.

The pinkie toe continues to be inflamed, and hurts but not as badly this morning. My blood sugar this morning is 10.2, and that's very high for before breakfast; it's another indicator that I'm ill.

Thank Goddess I'm going to the doctor(s) today.

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