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Friday Night Game Report - a|state Character Creation, Redux

I meant to post this game session blog report up some time yesterday (Saturday), but circumstances (that is, Real Life(tm)) got out of my hands for various reasons. That said, better late than never.

Friday night, the gaming group met up and started to get back into the a|state RPG once more. This was the first game session of a|state in some time, and since Mark didn't have a character for the game, I figured we'd spend the game session creating Mark's character, and I would have the other players refresh themselves about the character creation mechanics (and get a grasp of their characters once more) in the process. The players were willing and able, and while I hoped that we would get some sample combats in and the like, such was not to be.

Once the players all showed up for the evening, a little bit after 7:00 pm, we caught up for 10 minutes or so on the week, and then got down to business. I started off going through the basics of the world of a|state and The City, answered questions from all the players (but most of them coming from Mark and, interestingly, Ellie) and then got down to it. Character generation in the a|state game system is a bit more complex than some systems, but all of the players have been through it before, except Mark, and he didn't have any real problems with the material or designing the character that he wanted to play.

The player characters for the game are an interesting mix, to be sure.

Kathy - Kathy is playing one of her favourite characters of all-time, Cyndra Jesspian, a former house servant of one of the Macrocorporates who may or may not know something she shouldn't, and fled/was booted into The City's more rough and tumble life.

Angela - She's playing an interesting character, Edricka Hatchett, a middle class stringer who has a bit of a cutthroat nature at times.

David - He decided to go back to the original character that he wanted to play, now that Nick and Tom are no longer around. It's a neat character. Marcus Hangworth is a lostfinder from a drudge family in Folly Hills with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Ellie - She's playing a precocious street urchin called Genny (her last name still being concealed), who has been taken in by Cyndra for reasons that have yet to be dealt with. Little Genny causes more problems than she's worth at times, but she's...feisty.

Mark - Mark created Adrian Thornbrooke, a scion of the Thornbrooke family, who was disowned after an incident involving a young woman. Now working as a driver for whoever wants to pay him, Adrian has some contacts in various burghs of The City.

Mark was pretty pleased with the character that he created for the game, and is looking forward to playing the character. There are a couple of hooks that can tie him to the other player characters, and he's a survivor in the world of a|state. For their part, the other players were pleased with Mark's creation, and are looking forward to seeing what they can "do" with his character - and there may be a connection (if I can work it out) between his character and Ellie's Genny. :)

All in all, it was a good night of character creation. I'm looking forward to starting the game up next week, and putting the players and their characters through the paces.
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