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Hell Week

As mentioned, last weekend was a wonderful, if exhausting, one with my trip out to Calgary to see my SO, Stef.

The Goddess is having a good time with my life, I guess. This week has turned out to be very, very bad.

I haven't mentioned it until now, but I've been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder over the last few weeks. When I went to the doctor, he wasn't concerned at first, thinking that I had merely strained the shoulder (something I'm prone to do). But the pain has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks, so before I went to Calgary, I went and saw him again, and he sent me for a series of x-rays. And guess what? I see the doctor on Tuesday, and he says there's a dark spot that could be a tumor. "Now, don't worry," the doc says to me, in that reassuring voice all doctors use. "We'll take more x-rays, and I'll send them to a specialist." So I go to the hospital that afternoon, and have more x-rays done, and on Tuesday he calls to say he needs to see me. He tells me that it definitely looks like something bad there. The new x-rays definitely show a dark spot. And he tells me that my mobility of the arm and range of motion is a bit worse than it was when I saw him last week. So now I wait for an appointment with the specialist...

My left shoulder hurts pretty much all the time, I can barely lift the arm above the level of my chest. Now, I'm worried. And I'm depressed. Very, very depressed.

But it's all cool, since I'm gaming in about 45 minutes. It'll take my mind off things. I hope.

I miss Stef.
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