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Start of a New Month

December 1st. A new month. And the last month of 2014.

To be honest, I'm rather glad that November is over. It has been a month of change, to be sure, the most stressful of which has been my starting insulin therapy to deal with my Type 2 diabetes. That said, there's been a few other things that have occurred during the month of November that have also been quite stressful, but I'm not going into them here on my blog.

I'm not sure what December will bring, as there will be a bit of gaming and some other stuff this holiday month, but I'm also likely to be spending the Christmas holidays on my own this year, as most of my friends have other plans and all.

That said, I'm just hoping that the month can be relatively calm, quiet, and unstressful. I've got to think that the cup's half full, you know?
Tags: diabetes, insulin therapy, new month, personal

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