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Friday Night Game Report - a|state Session 1, Redux

As mentioned on the weekend, the Friday gaming group started to play in the world of the a|state roleplaying game again this past week (November 28th). Since the gaming group was (re-)starting the game after a long hiatus, and with David and Mark relatively new to the game, I figured I would start things off with an introductory session of game mechanics, rules, and sample combats.

Just a refresher on the player characters for the Friday night group. Kathy is playing Cyndra Jesspian, a former house servant of one of the Macrocorporates who may or may not know something she shouldn't. Angela is playing Edricka Hatchett, a middle class stringer who has a bit of a cutthroat nature at times. David is playing Marcus Hangworth, a lostfinder with a strong sense of right and wrong. Ellie is playing a precocious street urchin called Genny, who has been taken in by Cyndra for reasons that have yet to be dealt with. And the new player, Mark, is playing Adrian Thornbrooke, a scion of the Thornbrooke family, who was disowned after an incident involving a young woman, working as a driver.

The players begin with an introduction to the world of the a|state Roleplaying Game and the environment of The City. They proceeded to learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, proceeded to take on a bit of the a|state RPG Glossary, and partook in several samples of combat that taught them the basic mechanics of this gothic sf Dickensian game. And just how deadly the combat system really is.

The players had a pretty good time of it, both David and Mark commenting on how they liked the richness of the game setting, and the fact that the game rules seem to be so easy to pick up and don't get in the way of the game itself. So true, and that's something that can only be said about good rules systems. I started the sample combats having the player characters engage in one-on-one combats among themselves, then a free for all, and then had them take on several opponents from within The City, both in single combat and in group combats. The group agreed that when it comes to combat, run if you can, fight if you must, and make sure you get the first hit in!

Overall, a relatively enjoyable session of the a|state RPG, and I'm quite looking forward to getting the campaign re-started next Friday night, weather permitting.
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