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Alfie is a Senator Once More

Just finished watching the main part of the Ottawa Senators news conference in which former captain Daniel Alfredsson has returned to the fold.

Alfie signed a one-day contract, donned his Number 11 sweater with the "C" insignia on it that he wore the last time he played for the Sens, and then announced his retirement.

Seeing Alfie back in the Senators fold gave me all sorts of pleasant, warm feelings.

There will be a nice pre-game ceremony of some sort tonight to honour Alfie's return and his retirement, though his number and jersey won't be retired this evening. That will hopefully come some time within the next year, but I don't expect the Sens to wait that long to do that.

Kathy has managed four tickets for tonight's game, so I'll be going with her, Thom (a friend of hers) and Crystal. Really looking forward to the game, and I hope that Alfie's return is capped with an Ottawa win over the New York Islanders tonight.
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