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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - a|state Session 1

As mentioned on Sunday, I was able to get in a gaming session with the Sunday afternoon players this past weekend (November 30th). The game that I'm running at the moment is the a|state roleplaying game of industrial Dickensian gothic science fiction. So I was quite looking forward to the game. While the players are playing the characters that they created a long time ago (back in 2004, iirc, for these characters), they will be starting the game campaign from scratch (unlike the Friday night group). In any event, we started with an introductory session of game world basics, game mechanics, rules, and sample combats.

To refresh folks memories about the Sunday player characters... spross is playing Tucker Harris, a Provost in Folly Hills, who has serious guilt issues, a drinking problem, and some enemies that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley anywhere in The City. Tammy is playing Megan "Mouse" Owens, an antiquities hunter from Folly Hills, whose entire family was killed in a deliberate explosion that destroyed the family home.

I started the session off, once both players had arrived, with an introduction to the world of a|state Roleplaying Game and the environment of The City. They proceeded to process once more the basic mechanics of the game, proceeded to take on a bit of the a|state RPG Glossary, and partook in several samples of combat that re-educated them on the basic mechanics of this gothic sf Dickensian game. And just how deadly the combat system really is.

From what I saw, both Tammy and spross had a good time with the session and how everything played out, though Tucker Harris died twice during the sample combats. In any event, I'm rather looking forward to running the a|state game once again on Sunday afternoons.
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