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A Gloomy Saturday Morning's Thoughts

It's Saturday, a nasty somewhat gloomy day outside with bouts of freezing rain expected on and off.

Last night saw me run a session of the a|state RPG on the Friday night group of players. A good time was had by all, with much gnashing of teeth at some moments. I'll blog about the game session when I finish transcribing my notes and get a chance to post it up here; might be sooner or might be later, so look for it if you're interested.

Last night after gaming, I had a bit of a rough night. I've discovered that I definitely can no longer eat pasta, even if it's a "healthy" one, as it seems to raise my blood glucose a lot. Not giving any numbers here, but a *lot*. I got to bed around 11:45 pm last night, but was woken up by a bad case of GERD around 3:15 am or so. I took some Gaviscon and went back to bed, but couldn't fall asleep that easily. Ah, well...

Not sure what I'm going to get up to for the day. I'm feeling somewhat out of it at the moment, to be honest, and have a bit of a headache. I'd like to watch the Ottawa Senators take on the Pittsburgh Penguins this afternoon in their NHL hockey match, but we'll see whether there's other stuff I want to do or what.

In the meantime, I'm rather looking forward to tomorrow night's debut of the new The Librarians tv series. I guess I'm also going to have to dig out the three movies on which the series is based, too.
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