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New RPG: Sufficiently Advanced

As someone who is very much a fan of the far future science fiction works of autopope, John C. Wright, Wil McCarthy, Dan Simmons, K. Eric Drexler, Vernor Vinge, and Greg Egan, I find myself very interested in roleplaying some sort of transhumanist rpg. cwricheson recently wrote an interesting review of a fascinating rpg, called Sufficiently Advanced over on RPGnet.

While the game has me quite interested and excited about its game potential and all, I'm not sure that any of my players would be interested in playing such a game. The game mechanics may not appeal to everyone for sure, but I really think that it looks fascinating as a game. That said, I may well pick up a copy of the game and keep it around just to have it in my transhuman geekiness.

You can read a ton of stuff about the game here on the Official Sufficiently Advanced Webpage. There is some really cool, neato stuff there.

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