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A Snowy Day in Ottawa

Wednesday morning, and an ugly one at that.

This is one of the days that I wish I could have just rolled over and stayed in bed. Ottawa is receiving its first real snow of the season, and it's a doozy with some 15-20 cms. of the white stuff expected over the course of the day, with more on the way for the next two days.

While I'm still not driving the car because of my vision going in and out due to the insulin therapy and my dosage not yet stabilised (and the fact that my car's in the shoppe getting winterised...yay!), I came in to work this morning with the car pool, and was glad that I wasn't driving, as it was treacherous out there, both because of the snow and ice and because other drivers on the road are just... ah, never mind.

I am supposed to possibly run the a|state RPG this evening with the Wednesday night group, but given the weather that may not happen. Have to wait and see until the late afternoon.

In any event, I am at the office now and busy working on one of the projects sitting on my desk that needs my attention. With a nice, hot cup of chai next to me. So, back to it.
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