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Gaming, Tea & Sympathy - and English Football, Too!

Last night's gaming session was pretty good. The group finished up their fourth scenario in the Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne rpg, and had a pretty good time. SteveB, Kathy, Nick, and Tom were all present (only my beloved Steffie was absent), and we talked about my medical situation (sse the previous entry for this stuff), and they offered support and sympathy. Kathy brought a small wooden box of peach and lemon herbal tea (her own recipe and concoction), and it was wonderful with a truly lovely taste. It had a slightly smoky taste to it as well, due to one of the additional herbs she added to it (she won't tell me which one!). We ate smoked salmon slices on pieces of cucumber (the diabetic snack of choice for the night), and it was delicious, nicely washed down by the herbal tea.

After the folks left last night (Kathy and SteveB stayed a bit longer to help me clean up the place; they always do this, and are much appreciated for this, especially in light of my shoulder problems right now), I went to bed and read a bit. I'm behind on my reading of the sf and fantasy pile of books that I've got here, and am about 100 pages into the third book in John C. Wright's _The Golden Transcendence_, the third book in his "The Golden Age" series. Lovely heady stuff, so far into the future that the cultures and societies presented defy modern convention to the limit. I read another couple of chapters before finally dropping off to sleep.

My mood is somewhat buoyant and uplifted this morning because...

The new English football season has started! :)

As I sit here typing, I'm watching Newcastle vs. Wigan on the tv. My medical problems seem somewhat lighter this morning.
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