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Sunday Afternoon's Gaming Session

Just finished running this afternoon's gaming session with the Sunday group. Somewhat tired, but pretty pleased at how things went.

The players continue to go forward with their a|state game campaign, and had a pretty enjoyable afternoon of gaming. Well, I know I did at any rate, and I hope that both spross and Tammy did as well.

This session of a|state, the player characters started seeing pieces of the puzzle come together somewhat, may have realised that the stakes they're playing for are greater than they thought, and may not be sure of who they can trust and who them can't. There was no physical conflict in the game session (though they got to see the aftermath of some), but lots of other types of conflict, including some between the two player characters, and I felt that there was a good deal accomplished (though one player is still missing a few things).

Looking forward to next Sunday afternoon's session and continuing on with this. Yes, there will be a blog entry about this session as soon as I can make time to catch up on some of these sessions. I'm quite falling behind on that stuff.
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