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Monday Morning, Calm Before the Weather

It's Monday morning, and the start of a new week.

This is a week that promises to be busy, messy, and rather trying in some ways, I suspect.

Busy because I've got the Nurse Educator appointment at the Riverside Hospital Endocrine and Diabetes Clinic this afternoon. While I believe that I'm doing relatively all right with the insulin therapy, this appointment will tell me more information and give me a better idea of what's going on. And I'm hoping I get some answers to questions that I've got today. That said, I'm physically and mentally stressed out by the whole insulin therapy to some extent, and worry about the smallest things. I've also got several other appointments later in the week, that may be complicated by the weather (see below). I also have to do some grocery shopping, banking, and bill paying either today or tomorrow (see messy, below), so that should be fun, adding to stuff. And work has several meetings this week that promise to keep me very occupied as well during business hours.

Messy because the weather is supposed to turn nasty for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is supposed to see a quantity of freezing rain come down. This is to be followed on Wednesday by some 20 cms (about 8 inches) of snow, with more snow and accumulation for Thursday and Friday. Not going to be nice, to be sure.

Finally, rather trying in some ways because I tend to get stressed at the moment by the littlest things, and weather and stuff is one of them. (Yes, this is something I'm going to talk to the nurse educator about today as well.)

In any event, I'm just going to try and get through this week one day at a time. And see how that works for me. :)
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