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Thoughts About Yesterday's Appointment, and Stuff

It's a somewhat dismal, gloomy day outside.

The weather is calling for freezing rain starting some time during the afternoon, and even though that's not for some time, the weather is just dark, gloomy, and has that dampness in the air that, combined with the cold, makes me feel uncomfortable in my bones. Blah.

As mentioned yesterday, I had the appointment at the Diabetes Clinic to see the Nurse Educator. The appointment went pretty much as I expected it to, and I was told that I'm to stay on the course of insulin therapy that I'm on right now. I'm actually doing extremely well with the insulin, though I'm depressed about the results because I just don't see the stability of the blood sugars coming any time soon. However, the Nurse Educator assures me that the numbers are good and that I'm doing extremely well, so I'll take her word for it.

I stopped off at Swiss Chalet for lunch on the way home from the appointment, and without going into detail about the food that I had, just want to say that it was a positively horrible meal. I shaln't be going back there for lunch any time soon.
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