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Wednesday Morning, Ankle Pain, and Gaming

It's Wednesday morning, affectionately known as Hump Day because it's the middle of the week where one is over the hump.

The weather here in Ottawa is still quite nasty, damp and cool, with rain and freezing rain coming down in spurts and starts. Made for an interesting drive in today with the car pool.

Work this morning is relatively quiet, and not too busy. I have a meeting at 10:30 am this morning, but the rest of the work day (such as it is for me) will be doing some of the translation work that I seem to have gotten away from in the new job. So that'll make for a nice change.

On the health side of things, my blood sugar jumped up a bit overnight for reasons that I'm not clear on, though physical stress may be part of it, as the pain in my left ankle has reached epic proportions and I'm having nerve spasms in the left foot on the inside of the area near the big toe. Not comfortable. I've taken an Aleve tablet for the pain and all, and I'll see how the rest of the day goes.

If the weather holds out and doesn't get too messy, Donna and the other Wednesday night players informed me that they'd like to play this evening. They've been looking forward to starting the a|state RPG campaign, and I've been looking forward to this as well. So hopefully I'll be gaming this evening.
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