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Yes, I know how far behind in updating the blog with gaming sessions of the Friday gaming group's play of the a|state RPG and their campaign. The Friday group started up their campaign once more on the 28th of November. Here is the entry on the session after that (from December 5th). You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Cyndra Jesspian (Kathy Bauer) - Former macrocorp house-servant
Edricka Hatchett (Angela Marsh) - Stringer
Marcus Hangworth (David Matchuk) - Lostfinder
Genny (Ellie Bauer) - Street Urchin
Adrian Thornbrooke (Mark Williams) - Driver

Burn 3rd, 997

The scenario begins at the Green Foxhound, the bar at which Cyndra Jesspian works. Cyndra is having a rough day, feeling it a bit with the departure of her best friend, Hedriana Locke [Joanne's character], who has departed for a better job in another burgh. She decides that she needs a break from work, and heads over to see if Genny, her ward, has done her chores back at the small flat that the two of them are living in (having taken over Hedriana's former dwelling). Genny is somewhat upset, having tried to find a job this morning, but is having no luck. She needs some money, soon, as she saw something in one of the Folly Hills shoppes that she really wants to buy, but refuses to tell Cyndra what it is.

Over in Sleeping Vale, stringer Edricka Hatchett is having a discussion with one of her contacts, a stringer named Alfredo Davis at the Sleeping Vale Herald, who tells her that a new story has come up. It appears that someone in Folly Hills has been making advances towards the Sleeping Vale government to provide supplies and services for some of the homeless in the burgh's east end. She senses a story of some sort, and learns from Davis that his contact is one Jonas Thappert, a flowghost in Folly Hills who intercepted some messages. Edricka resolves to dig into the case, starting with finding Thappert.

Adrian Thornbrooke, an independent driver in The City, who makes his home in Folly Hills, returns to the burgh after transporting some cargo to Sleeping Vale. As he parks his small lorry near his apartment building in the east end, he is approached by a couple of shady characters wearing long coats, who asks if he's Adrian. When he tells them that he is, the larger of the two informs him that he shouldn't get involved in things that don't concern him, and say that Donny Bracco has a message for him. The two beat Adrian with a pair of steel pipes, and leave him lying on the ground, bleeding out.

Lostfinder Marcus Hangworth is sitting and eating in the Dead Scurt tavern, minding his own business. He makes a pass at one of the serving girls, Harriet, but is rebuffed, though not unkindly. One of his contacts, Frankie Zullo, a low-level member of the Hohler Gang, pays him a visit, and casually informs Marcus that one of his friends, Habara, has been taken to the streethealer, Ergan Hollowsmith. Instantly concerned, Marcus buys him a drink and then dashes out to see the streethealer.

Cyndra and Genny head to Flaspers Street, the home of most of the shoppes found in Folly Hills, and Genny is evasive as to what she's looking for. They go into several shoppes, but aren't able to find what Genny wants, and while Cyndra gets a bit exasperated with the girl she continues to humour her. They are approached by two ruffians as they traverse a short alleyway, who demand their money. Neither Cyndra nor Genny are inclined to give them what they want, and a brief fight ensues. The former house servant and the street urchin handle themselves quite well, and the ruffians flee with several knife wounds and bruises. Before the two women are able to move back into the main thoroughfare, they are approached and questioned by two Provosts about the business. Once they've dealt with the cops to their satisfaction, Cyndra and Genny continue on with their shopping expedition.

Edricka Hatchett returns to Folly Hills, and tracks down her contact, Maltin Roundboll. He's a flowghost, and she figures that if anyone knows where to find Jonas Thappert it would be him. Maltin tells her that he does indeed know Jonas Thappert, but tells her not to get involved with him - he's somewhat unreliable as far as flowghosts go in this part of The City. Maltin agrees to take her round to see Thappert, and they set out for the poverty struck edges of eastern Folly Hills. They arrive at his dilapidated building on Redbrook Crescent, but when they arrive at the flowghost's flat, Edricka notices the door is ajar. Cautiously entering the two-room flat, they find the place has been vandalised, various items and dingins and parts thrown to the floor - and the body of Jonas Thappert on the floor, seemingly gutted like a fish.

Recovering consciousness, Adrian Thornbrooke is glad that he's got such a tough constitution. He's a mass of bruises, has several severe cuts around his chest, arms, and abdomen, but all in all isn't in too bad shape. Considering. That doesn't stop him from checking out his lorry, and he's happy to see that it's intact, and nothing is missing or has been done to it. He elects to go to a streethealer he knows, Devila Farishe, and she "tut-tut"s him, but treats his more severe injuries. When she inquires what happened to him, he tells her it was a bit of "road rage".

Marcus arrives at Ergan Hollowsmith's small shoppe, to find that Habara is in somewhat serious condition. She tries to tell the lostfinder that it is nothing serious, but he realises there is more going on than she cares to admit. Once Ergan has finished his ministrations, Marcus takes her to Sad Sally's Tea Emporium for a nice hot cuppa and a biscuit, and Habara relents. She tells him that her uncle, Habib, came into possession of an item through one of his contacts in the fencing business. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and a couple of men (one of whom she was sure was a ghostfighter) attacked her and her uncle and his apprentice, demanding the item in question. Habib would not tell them where it was, and she remembers one of the men coshing her over the head and that's the last thing she remembers. As the two leave the Tea Emporium, a pair of knives flash out of an alleyway nearby, on course for the lostfinder and his friend...

This was the first game session proper of the a|state game the Friday night group has played in several years, but it continued from where I last stopped it (roughly). There are several changes in personnel, what with the death of SteveB and the departure of Nick, Tom, and Joanne, and the addition of David and our latest gamer, Mark. That said, the game session went extremely well, several small fights happening over the course of the 4-hour game session, but there was also some good roleplaying and a bit of conflict along the way.

The players mentioned to me when we were done for the evening that they had a good time, with David and Mark saying that they love the simplicity of the game mechanics, but that combat really can be quite deadly. Kathy said she was pleased getting to play Cyndra again, a character that she really loves a lot, and Ellie enjoyed herself as she got to engage in some knifefighting that went her way.

Overall, a really great session of the game. And I was already looking forward to running a|state again the weekend after.


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