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R.I.P. Robert Asprin

In very sad news from yesterday:

Robert Asprin has died.

Asprin's death was apparently peaceful, supposedly on a couch with a science fiction book in hand. I loved the early MythAdventures series featuring Aahz and Skeeve, as well as the Thieves' World anthology series of books that he edited with then-wife Lynn Abbey. However, I first read his books Tambu and The Bug Wars, and they were quite enjoyable.

I met Robert Asprin several times at conventions, back in the days when he was married to Lynn Abbey, and as the chairman of Maplecon 4 here in Ottawa, brought them in as guests of honour. He was a really nice gentleman, a gentle soul, with a sense of humour and a lovely flair to him. However, I had heard that he had been very ill these last few years.

Rest In Peace, Bob. You will be mythed.
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