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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - a|state Session 2

As already mentioned, I've fallen quite behind on my updating of the blog with the game sessions for my two gaming groups. The Sunday afternoon group got properly started with their a|state on the 30th of November. Here is the entry on the session after that (from December 7th). You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Tucker Harris (SteveR) - Provost
Megan "Mouse" Owens (Tammy) - Antiques Hunter

Mist 11th, 997

The first game session begins in the morning, on a dark, gloomy day that is somewhat wet and cool. At 123 Cleaver Lane, Megan ("Mouse") Owens wakes, and makes sure the buckets to catch the leaking water are present. She then proceeds to make some hot tea for her mentor, Allen Cleery, and herself. Since they are running low on tea, she decides to go to Hargan's Market to purchase some fresh tea. As she leaves the house, she is approached by three Provosts, who inquire if she's seen a man of average height, about 14 stone, with dark hair and a beard, wearing a dogger coat. They're looking for him in connection to the mugging of her neighbour, Henrietta Painscott, a machinist from Deepdown. She tells them she has not, and when they ask of any strange goings on in the area, she says that she's not seen anything odd. They question her a bit more. The third Provost who's been standing back, Sergeant Hardgadley, asks what she does for a living. She tells him. He says that if she sees the man they're looking for, to get in touch with him at the Bunker. She's dismissed, and heads on to the market, grumbling to herself.

At Provost Bunker 112 in Folly Hills, Constable Tucker Harris (nicknamed "Constable Dogmeat") is called intoo the office of his superior, Sergeant Borwett. He is assigned a case, as no other Detective Inspector is available. He is to look into the theft of a machine part from a dinginsmith, one Vikkas Painscott at 128 Cleaver Lane. He's also told that he's to meet with his partner, Lucas Redfield, at his earliest convenience. Tucker kits up, and not seeing Lucas Redfield around, heads out.

Megan arrives at Hargan's Market. Looking around, she sees the marketplace is buzzing with business. She sees that Sad Sally of Sad Sally's Tea Emporium is selling her wares. She also notices some Mire End low lives are haunting the edge of the market, the Provosts in the area keeping an eye on them. Megan goes over to Sad Sally's stall, and the two engage in some gossip. A fracas breaks out at the far end of the market, and several of the Provosts move off in that direction. Megan and Sally discuss some appfel tea (10s/kg) and some regular tea (5s/kg). One of the Mire Enders steals some tea from the stall, and Sally cries out "Stop, thief!". The thief takes off, a large sachet of tea in hand, for the edge of the market. Megan chases the thief (who has motley dark hair with ordure in it, milky green eyes, and a scar down the left side of his face), and tackles him to the ground [she takes 1 shock, blunt damage], getting a bit mucky in the process. She convinces him to give back the tea, and she'll let him go. He agrees. She returns back to Sally with the stolen sachet of tea, which was Silverspar tea. Sally is grateful, and rewards Megan with the appfel tea free and clear. After paying Sally for the other teas and stuffs, Megan heads back for Cleaver Lane, stopping off to get some bread. The vendor makes it clear that she reeks.

Tucker heads for Cleaver Lane, amidst catcalls, thrown garbage, and red fruits. He knocks on the door at 128 Cleaver Lane, and is met by Henrietta Painscott, who leads him into the living room to see Vikkas. Tucker meets their daughter, Gretel, who is very quiet. He questions Vikkas about what happened and learns that the dinginsmith was working in the back room, and went out for something. The mugging and robbery occurred some 20 minutes later. Vikkas tells Tucker that the machine part was not his; it belonged to Allen Cleery, who resides at 123 on the Lane. Henrietta says she was struck, and describes the man (the same description that the Provosts who questioned Megan gave), and mentions that "they" broke in through the back door. She justifies the plural by saying that she'd seen a second shadow. Tucker goes and checks the rear door, and believes that it was jemmied/broken with a crowbar. Gretel asks if he was the Provost who beat Cousin Gregor, but he is evasive and says that it must have been another Provost. She asks if he's beat many people, but he's evasive and says that he doesn't remember. Tucker tells Vikkas and Henrietta that if he has any other questions for them, he'll get back to them. Tucker leaves quickly, and heads over to 123.

This game session marked the re-launch of the Sunday a|state game from scratch, and saw me use a couple of plots that I've had on the back-burner for at least 10 years or so. Both players got off to an interesting start in the game, though it's obvious that spross struggled with his Constable Tucker Harris character somewhat, although Tammy had a good idea of how she wanted to play her Megan Owens character. I really didn't have any idea of how to tie the two player characters together, since they have nothing in common, but think I've sort of figured out a way of bringing them together. Whether Tammy's character will want to work with spross's character is another matter, and he certainly doesn't tend to give her any reason to work with him, either in character or out.

That said, I thought the game session went pretty well, and that the players both had a pretty good time. And I have to say that I'm looking forward to running the next game session of this campaign.
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