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As noted elsewhere, I gamed with the Friday night group this past week, but am rather late posting up the journal entry about the game session. The Friday night players continued on with their campaign of the a|state gothic Dickenesian sf rpg. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Cyndra Jesspian (Kathy Bauer) - Former macrocorp house-servant
Edricka Hatchett (Angela Marsh) - Stringer
Marcus Hangworth (David Matchuk) - Lostfinder
Genny (Ellie Bauer) - Street Urchin
Adrian Thornbrooke (Mark Williams) - Driver

Burn 3rd, 997

Outside Sad Sally's Tea Emporium, near one of the many alleyways, it is only Marcus Hangworth's senses that warn him in time of the two knives flashing in the shadows, allowing both him and Habara to avoid being struck by the blades. A mid-sized man dressed in the garb of a ganger steps out of the alley, and moves to the attack. Marcus defends himself, putting the scared Habara behind him, and defends himself against the relatively skilled man. Grabbing a nearby bin cover, Marcus protects himself, and it is only the approach of a pair of Provosts that causes the seeming ganger to flee. The Provosts are not inclined to allow the two of them go, but Marcus convinces them that Habara's wounds [though she suffered none during the fight] are serious, and the three Provosts allow them to leave, supposedly for the nearest streethealer.

At the flat of Jonas Thappert, Edricka Hatchett attempts to calm down Maltin Roundboll, in the event of their finding Thappert's body. The stringer quickly gets Roundboll to check out the wreckage of the dingins and various other equipment she sees, while she goes and checks out Thappert's body. Roundboll tells her that as far as he can tell, while the dingins are still somewhat intact, several parts and some data sheets are missing. He can't tell her what they might be, but says that she could get a lot more information by taking the wreckage to a flowghost or three at the Caverna Informatika in Fogwarrren. She flinches at the idea, having heard stories and rumours about the place, but Roundboll says it's perfectly safe. She counters with the fact that she doesn't know a macro from a micro dingin, and suggests that Roundboll would be the perfect person to undertake the task. Now it's his turn to flinch about the idea. They're interrupted by the arrival of Detective Inspector Malic Pessrin of the Provosts, and two other Provosts. They say they were called in by neighbours who heard noise coming from the flat. Pessrin tells them that they're under arrest, and he intends to take them in to the Bunker for questioning. Using her powers of persuasion, and a bit of flirtatious action, Edricka convinces Pessrin not to take them in, as they obviously only just arrived at the crime scene themselves. Roundboll is able to conceal several parts of the main dingin beneath his voluminous cloak, and after letting the DI know where she can be reached, Edricka and Roundboll leave Thappert's place. Thappert prepares to head for Fogwarren, while Edricka says they need some help, and she knows where to get it.

Leaving Devila Farishe's streethealer clinic, Adrian Thornbrooke returns to his dwelling, and checks out his vehicle once more, making sure the small lorry is all right. Reassured, he decides to head over for one of his favourite drinking hangouts in Folly Hills, the Dead Scurt. Arriving at the bar, he finds that the place is full, and the working staff is somewhat overwhelmed. Several drunk patrons belittle what he does for a living, and after Adrian takes a swing at one of them, a full-fledged bar brawl erupts. Despite his injuries, Adrian gives as good as he gets but when it's over, Hammy Franks, the owner of the Dead Scurt, asks who's going to pay for all the damage at the bar.

Returning to the Green Foxhound for her work shift after the shopping trip with Genny (Underhill) to the market, Vince Cavell asks Cyndra Jesspian whether she can work an extra shift that evening. Two of the bar staff have run down sick with some nasty bug, and he's going to be short-handed. Cyndra agrees, since it'll earn her a bit more money that she can use for various things, and Genny asks him if he needs extra staff; Cavell agrees, and Genny is pleased to have an extra bit of work for the night. They head back for their apartment, to take it easy before a long night's worth of work. They find a stringer by the name of Edricka Hatchett waiting outside their building, who tells them she wants to talk to them.

Back at the Dead Scurt, Adrian Thornbrooke is helping to clean up the place after the bar fight, doing the best he can with his already damaged arms and abdomen. Marcus Hangworth staggers in with Habara, and demands a drink or three from Hammy; he sees the condition of the bar, and notes the big man helping with the clean-up, but doesn't acknowledge it. Hammy comes over with a couple of ales, and after Marcus takes a couple of deep quaffs of the noxious brew, he and Habara talk about what happened. She says that it must tie in to what happened with Uncle Habib, and Marcus says that perhaps it would be a good idea to pay Habib a visit. However, he realises that a bit of muscle might be a good thing, and seeing the large, brawny fellow [Adrian Thornbrooke], asks him if he'd be interested in a job. After intros are made all round, Adrian considers the job offered by the lostfinder, and agrees to it - in return for Marcus helping him find out why he was assaulted by Bracco's men and what the cargo that he took to Sleeping Vale was. Marcus agrees, and he, Adrian, and Habara depart the Dead Scurt, over Hammy's objections.

Cyndra declines talking to the stringer, not wanting any stories about them to get out, but Edricka tells her that she needs her help. She understands that Cyndra knows of a lostfinder named Thomas Thackery. Cyndra tells her that Thackery disappeared a few days ago, heading for the Contested Grounds on a search-and-rescue of some sort, and that he's not been seen in a while. She does hear stories, however, of another lostfinder, Marcus something-or-other, who hangs out at the Dead Scurt over in the east part of Folly Hills. Edricka thanks her for the information, and leaves.

And that wrapped up the Friday night game session, a session of the a|state RPG that I thought went pretty well. The various players had a pretty good time of it, judging by their comments after we stopped for the night, and Angela and Mark were both pretty enthusiastic about the plots that their characters are currently involved in. The plots that I'm running for the game right now are coming along nicely, and I think the player characters are getting a good grasp on what's going on. We'll see how things go over the next few sessions, though I'm not sure how many more times we'll play before the new year.

That said, I'm enjoying myself running this game, and am rather looking forward to the next game session.


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