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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - a|state Session 3

As mentioned elsewhere, I've fallen behind on posting up the blogs of the two gaming groups of late. But here's another catch-up attempt. The Sunday afternoon group has been playing their a|state RPG campaign for a couple of weeks now. Here is the entry for the game session from last Sunday (December 14th). You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. Since this post is quite long, I've put it behind a cut for those who don't want to read about the roleplaying game campaigns that I'm running.


Tucker Harris (SteveR) - Provost
Megan "Mouse" Owens (Tammy) - Antiques Hunter

Mist 11th, 995

Megan ("Mouse") Owens is returning to 123 Cleaver Lane and hears how quiet the area is. She hears the whine and hum of an aerostat or flyer, coming closer. Megan seeks cover by the closest building, and watches as a flyer comes in for a landing.

Constable Tucker Harris is walking to 123 Cleaver Lane when the flyer comes in to land, over near the ruined buildings near the far end of Cleaver Lane. Two figures emerge from the flyer, which has an Arclight macrocorp logo on it - a man in his late 20s wearing a fashionable suit and one of the Arclight troopers. They head for the Cleery place, and warn Tucker Harris off. Allen Cleery comes to the door, and the man in the suit introduces himself as Flynn Wetspoon. He tells Cleery that he wants information from him, but Cleery won't talk to him. He attempts to intimidate Cleery, and subvocally has the trooper blow a hole in the wall of the house using his energy weapon. Cleery still won't talk. Wetspoon uses a veiled threat, saying that they would only need his brain, and Cleery acquiesces. The three head back towards the flyer.

Megan interrupts their departure, and when she tells Wetspoon, a troubleshooter, who she is, he realises he has another weapon to use against Cleery. Megan wants to know where they're taking Cleery and what they want with him. Wetspoon says they're taking him to Luminosity Tower, and that it's none of her business. Tucker interrupts the proceedings, saying that he needs to question Cleery about matters. He won't tell Wetspoon why, but when the Arclight troubleshooter threatens to call in a squad of men, Tucker says that it has to do with a stolen machine part and the mugging of the lady from 128 Cleaver Lane. Wetspoon realises what he may have here, and another trooper emerges from the flyer and heads over to 128. He has the trooper near the group suddenly point the weapon at Megan, intimidating Cleery. The latter goes off to the side with Wetspoon, and tells him what he knows. Afterwards, and without any cues from the man in the suit, the three Arclight personnel head back for the flyer. As the flyer becomes airborne, Megan takes advantage and dashes back into the house with Cleery and slams the door shut!, before Tucker can actually get to them.

Inside the house, Megan's pretty pissed off at Allen Cleery, her mentor, for what's happened. Cleery explains that he told them what he knew since they were going to kill Mouse. He tells her what he knows: the item he found in the Rookery is a dingin part, from a very old machine at that. As they talk, Tucker start hammering on the door, demanding attention. Cleery says that he gave it to Vikkas Painscott to examine and repair as best he could. He also mentions that he's been followed by two people since returning from the Rookery. Megan tells him about the Painscotts, and Cleery says that he needs to talk to them. Megan describes Henrietta's attacker as told to her by the three Provosts, and based on her description, a worried Cleery says it sounds like a Fulgurator.

Fed up with Tucker hammering on the door and haranguing them, Megan goes to the door. She and Tucker have an antagonistic vocal confrontation. Tucker finally spots the hole in the house wall created by the Arclight trooper's energy weapon, and steps partially through into the house. Cleery steps forward out of the shadows, pointing a sparklock rifle at Tucker. The two banter for a bit, and when Tucker tells him his name, both Megan and Cleery remember the [infamous] business with Marie Muller. Cleery hands Megan the rifle, and steps outside with Tucker. He evades Tucker's non-questions as best he can, but does admit that his conversation with Wetspoon was to save Megan. Tucker tells Cleery that he'll be in touch with him if he needs to talk to him again.

As Tucker turns to leave, he's accosted by stringer Jayke Trine live on camera, and is a bit too forward in the information that he gives out. Trine then interviews Allen Cleery. Cleery fast talks the stringer, giving him some info without implicating himself, other than the fact that he's an antiquities hunter, so... Trine and his cameraman leave, and the group of characters breathe a sigh of relief. Megan and Cleery go back inside, leaving Tucker out in the damp and the cold.

Megan and Cleery chat, and he advises her to keep an eye out, and to be careful. Their talk turns to tea, and she tells him of the attempted theft at the market, and her reward from Sad Sally. She goes to the roof garden for some herbs, and sees that there are scurts loose. She grabs a club, and sees that it has recent blood on it. She sees the corpse in among the garden, herbs crushed during a fight of some sort, as well as a llive in the dirt. She catches sight of a shadowy figure running away, heading for the roof edge. She follows after with the club, and sees him/her make a prodigious leap to the ground, landing easily down below. She curses, turns, and sees the scurts eating at the side of the corpse. She threatens them and they flee, and she shouts down the roof stairway for Allen to come up.

Tucker goes back to 128 Cleaver Lane and the back of the house, but finds no evidence of anything unusual, but there are lots of footprints. He hears Megan's voice on the wind, and heads back over to 123.

Allen Cleery arrives on the roof, and when Megan tells him what has happened, he goes over to the roof edge and sees Tucker Harris. Cleery tells him that he'd better come up to the roof. Tucker goes through the hole in the outside wall and up to the roof. Megan drops the club in a random location. Tucker arrives, and sees the scurts and the body.

Going over to the body, the Provost sees that the body is lying face down, and turns it over. He determines the cause of death to be multiple lacerations and incisions with a very sharp object. There are also traces of vegetation on the body and in some of the wounds. The body is that of a female, with dark hair and brown eyes, wearing ragged homespun clothes but with unusual, light coloured boots that are not dogskin. She's holding what appears to be a machine part in her left hand, and is wearing padded armour and carries a walking stick-cum-sword. Megan and Allen wander around while Tucker investigates the body. They claim not to know who the body is.

Cleery comes over, and is surprised to see another machine part. Tucker tucks it into the inner pocket of his coat. Cleery looks at the body, and says he was mistaken; he does know her - Julia Laycock. She's the Lostfinder who came to Cleery about the old dingin. And he doesn't know where she got the other part. The bigger problem is that the last he knew, she'd been hired by Trilhoeven. "Another macrocorps war thing?" Megan asks. "Yes."

A light rain starts to fall. Cleery doesn't want Tucker to bring the body of the lostfinder into the house. Tucker says that he wants to get some more Provosts into this business, but Cleery says that's not what he wants. Cleery says that he'll arrange for the disposal of the body, but the price for it is the machine part in Tucker's pocket. Tucker hands it over, reminding Cleery that there are dangerous people looking for it. "More than you know," Cleery says.

Cleery explains that Julia came to him with the machine part to evaluate and appraise it, and told him to go to the Rookery to find more. Cleery asks Megan to go to Bluespark (in the gang) and tell her to come and get the body of the lostfinder and dispose of it. Megan agrees, and asks if Julia had family. Cleery says yes, a daughter. He tells her to tell Spark that the payment are the clothes and equipment of the lostfinder, except for the walking stick-cum-sword which he appropriates. He reaches down and removes the necklace around Julia's neck, and says that he will take it to her 12-year-old daughter, Kammy. He looks at the Provost, and says that the girl will *not* be placed in an orphanage.

And that's the write-up on the Sunday game session. This session of the a|state RPG was pretty good, I thought, and had a lot of interesting things going on during the course of the afternoon. While there was no physical conflict (though there was the aftermath of one that didn't involve the players' characters), there was certainly conflict during the afternoon's session, but the players handled themselves as well as could be expected. Both Tammy and spross enjoyed themselves, though the latter struggled once more with the investigation into the mugging and machine part theft, and now has a murder on top of that to deal with!

Overall, I thought the game session went pretty well, and am looking forward to next week's game outing, weather cooperating of course. :)
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