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Wednesday Night Game Report - a|state Session 1

Wednesday evening, my (relatively) newest gaming group met to play for the first time since creating their player characters for the a|state RPG. So I was rather looking forward to this game session. Since this was their first ever game session of the a|state RPG, we started with an introductory session of game world basics, game mechanics, rules, and sample combats.

To refresh folks memories about the Wednesday player characters... Donna is playing Belinda Koretz, a down on her luck stringer who dreams of getting a story that takes her back to the top. She's also got a couple of friends and enemies that were useful to her back then, but now resent her coming to see them all the time. David settled on Farimar Timberbush, an ex-mikefighter now living in Folly Hills and earning his keep through odd jobs of various sorts, some legal and some not. He has a bad phobia of being trapped underground, and enjoys seeing new things that The City has to offer.
Finally, Kendall is playing Hannah Overwater, a lostfinder born in Coldbath Fell to entrepreneur parents who wanted to find her brother, lost in the Contested Grounds, but has settled for a life in Folly Hills with her new friends.

I started the session off, once the three players had arrived, with an introduction to the world of the a|state Roleplaying Game and the environment of The City. They proceeded to process once more the basic mechanics of the game, proceeded to take on a bit of the a|state RPG Glossary, and partook in several samples of combat that educated them on the basic mechanics of this gothic sf Dickensian game. And just how deadly the combat system really is.

The three players had a blast playing this game session, asking quite a few smart questions about the setting of The City, and getting involved in the sample combats that we engaged in. They were somewhat...horrified... at the sheer lethality of the combat system for the a|state game, but mentioned that it really heightened their sensibilities about playing the game and wanting to keep their characters alive during play. Lovely stuff.

Anyway, I'm not sure when the next game session for the Wednesday night group will be, due to the holidays around this time of year and all, but I'm quite looking forward to starting the game campaign next time we play.

From what I saw, both Tammy and spross had a good time with the session and how everything played out, though Tucker Harris died twice during the sample combats. In any event, I'm rather looking forward to running the a|state game once again on Sunday afternoons.
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